Persuasion in the online world

For my Consumer Behaviour class, we were asked to listen to Sam Harris and Zeynep Tufekci’s podcast on persuasion and control of the consumer to prepare for an in-class debate. I attempted to prepare by listening to the podcast while cleaning, but that didn’t work out. While I cleaned the podcast went through one ear and out the other, leaving me with little knowledge for … Continue reading Persuasion in the online world

What’s this about a female advantage?

Have you heard of Sally Helgesen? Neither had I till recently. Sally Helgesen is an author, speaker, and consultant in the business world. But more importantly, she is an interesting and intelligent badass. I decided to use her book, The Female Advantage as an inspirational starting point for a class project on leaders in our field of business. However, I didn’t choose Ms. Helgesen right away. First, … Continue reading What’s this about a female advantage?

Instagram brings a new edge to online marketing

What would you say if I told you that there’s an easier way to find those products you like on Instagram? If you’re like me, your probably over the moon, since I always find cute stuff on Instagram with no link to where its from. Well, get ready for Instagram’s “collection” ads. It all started with Facebook, who fyi owns Instagram, testing these “collection” ads … Continue reading Instagram brings a new edge to online marketing

Entering the blogsphere

As an advertising and marketing student blogs are an essential thing to understand, which is why we had to make a blog. Even though we started them last semester I never really used mine, I actually kinda forgot about it. But since second semester started we’ve gotten a lot more assignments related to using our blogs. So now that my blog is actually up and running, … Continue reading Entering the blogsphere

What came first, form or function?

Second semester recently started and in my first design class we were asked about American architect Louis Sullivan‘s phrase “form follows function”. Since I’d never heard this statement before I did some research and realized that I agree with it, but only in certain circumstances such as web design. In web design it’s fun to make interactive and eye catching websites, however that’s not always possible … Continue reading What came first, form or function?

Mobile Video in Marketing Communications

Social media is filled with videos that can easily catch peoples eye, this applies especially to mobile videos. Since mobile videos can start just as you scroll by them, you are more likely to watch them and keep watching because of the automatic starting of new videos. In a Forbes article, it is brought to attention that mobile videos gain views 6 times faster than desktop … Continue reading Mobile Video in Marketing Communications