Instagram brings a new edge to online marketing

What would you say if I told you that there’s an easier way to find those products you like on Instagram? If you’re like me, your probably over the moon, since I always find cute stuff on Instagram with no link to where its from. Well, get ready for Instagram’s “collection” ads.

It all started with Facebook, who fyi owns Instagram, testing these “collection” ads and are now moving onto Instagram trials. These ads are a new form of shopping-enabled ads that blend video and product catalogs. Basically, if someone see’s something they like in the video they can tap on said ad and open a broader catalog with up to 50 different products. Then if they tap on a specific product, it sends them to the businesses website to make the purchase, but still stay in the Instagram app.

“Collection” ads in action

So far, the “collection” ads have been effective. They easily target both old and new customers in a new interactive way. As told by Facebook’s chief operating officer “About two-thirds of the visits to Instagram business profiles are from people who don’t yet follow them. This is how many businesses are finding new customers.” This big draw in of new people may be due to the ads specific design, which makes it have fast performance on mobile, a very important detail in today’s modern world. However, it doesn’t just have bonuses for the consumers, it also focuses on helping the advertisers.

For advertisers, it offers new ways to measure their results. Advertisers are most commonly told when someone clicks on one of their ads. With the new “collection” ads advertisers are given the measurements of outbounds clicks, specifically when someone clicks out of the ad to the business’ website.

Although it is a new program, progress is already being made with brands already using such ads. To start it off, fashion and beauty brands like Birchbox and Revolve are the first marketers to try “collection” ads on Instagram, helping start the new ad program out.

Even though it’s just the beginning for this campaign, I hope it goes well because it’ll make my life easier for online shopping, be that for better or worse. But what’s your opinion? How do you think Instagram’s new “collection” ads will impact online marketing? Do you think they’ll stay around or just be another fad?


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