Entering the blogsphere

As an advertising and marketing student blogs are an essential thing to understand, which is why we had to make a blog. Even though we started them last semester I never really used mine, I actually kinda forgot about it. But since second semester started we’ve gotten a lot more assignments related to using our blogs.

So now that my blog is actually up and running, welcome. pexels-photo-265667

To really start our blogs, Frank’s class has been showing us how to better our blogs, specifically by reviewing them. From this class, I found that making a great blog relies not only on the look of the blog, but on the blog posts content. To make the content better, there are a few key features that help, but I find that even if you just have 3 of these features in a blog post, it’ll boost the quality of them.

A good title

A compelling title is one of the most important things a blog post can have. This is the first thing that the reader see’s and makes them decided if they want to continue reading or not. To really make it good, its gotta be something that will grab the readers attention and make them want to continue reading your post. I’m not super great at this yet, I’m still working on my title skills but I’m hoping I get more creative with my titles as the semester goes on.

Making it personal

Another essential aspect of a blog post is making it personal. This can easily be done by adding a personal experience or personal image. By being more personal I find it makes readers feel more connected to you and understand you better, while also being able to relate to you. Plus, if you add personal images it gives readers a better glimpse into the life you live, rather than being just this obscure person running a blog.

End with a question

A good end to a blog post is something that engages with the reader, something that keeps them thinking about the post. This can easily be done by ending with a question. Not only does it keep the reader thinking, but it also allows them to engage with you through comments. It makes more of a connection with the reader as your asking them for their own opinion and input on what your saying.

There are a lot more things you can do to better your blog posts, but personally I believe these are some of the most important. But what do you think? Is there something more important that would make my blog, or any blog, better?


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